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Hand and surface sanitiser


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75% Alcohol Hand and Surface sanitizer

Composition: An ethanol alcohol base, non-ionic surfactants and glycerol. 75% Alcohol

Classification: Sanitizer for Hands/Surfaces

Action: The alcohol helps to sanitize whilst the emollients leave the hands soft and smooth.

 Indications: For sanitizing the hands and surfaces

 Contra-Indications: Sensitivity to Iso propylene alcohol.

 Warnings: For external use only. Dangerous if ingested. Keep away from eyes.

 PropertiesForm: Like water.

Odour: Alcohol or fragranced

Flammable: Yes

Emolliency: Good

Drying: Quick drying

pH: 6,6 – 8,0

Directions for use: Make sure hands are dry before using Fresh hand and surface sanitizer.

.Unsoiled Hands: Use approximately 2 – 3 ml of Fresh and rub well into the hands until dry.

 .Soiled Hands:

  1. 1.Use our anti-bacterial soap and wash and dry hands in the normal manner.
  2. Use approximately 2 – 3 ml of product and rub well into the hands until dry.


Precautions: Not to be taken internally. Keep away from eyes.

Do not use near open flame.

Safety: Toxic effects due to ingestion should be treated with gastric lavage. In eyes-flush with running water.

Identification: Clear water like liquid with an alcohol smell.

Presentation: 100 ml, 250ml, 5L, 25L ,and 1,000L plastic containers.

Storage instructions: Store in airtight containers in a cool place, below 25o C, and Protect from heat and light. Store away from foodstuffs. Keep out of reach of children.


5L, 25L, 1000L