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.Known as Korean hand plow,HOMI is a short-handled traditional farming tool used by Koreans since over than 1,000 years back from early Koryeo dynasty(918~1392).

.Korea is the only country in the world  which still uses this HOMI.

.HOMI is a farming tool inspired by the hoe and It is an important extention of agriculture from the acient times because the HOMI was excavated in the Bronze Age historic sites and early Iron Age historic sites in Korean Peninsular.

.HOMI is made of Iron and consists of blade,a tang and a handle.

-The blade is the iron plate used to dig or pull grass.

-The handle is made from a circular piece of wood and is located at the end of the tang.

-The tang connects the blade to the handle.

-The shape of the blade is usually an inverted triangle as the lower part is pointed and the upper part is broad.


.All-weather purpose in field works,and even in the sea water to detatch oysters and shells.

.Also used to dig archiological relics site.

.Unique shape for high productivity and high efficiency farming.

.Specialised for small scale farming pursueing high productivity with multi-function

..Got nick name of easy digger in USA

.Essential and convenient tool for gardening.

.Handmade by small scale smithy.

.Strong durability(can last for your life) and high efficiency


.All-purpose gardening tool.

.Weeds/Grasses removal

.Sowing seeds & Seedlings

.Plowing a rice field

.Plowing up soil,

.Digging potatoes in fields.